Top 6 Types of Residential Glass Doors

A glass front door can provide a number of benefits compared to standard wood doors. For instance, they offer a better view of the outdoors, a glass door significantly increases the amount of natural light in a room and even improves ventilation. And you don’t have to go with typical clear glass, you can choose an opaque finish if you want more privacy.

Best of all – there are a number of different glass door options including sliding, stacking, hinged, pivoting, and even folding! The following guide will walk you through the various types of glass doors available today along with the benefits each option offers.

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Hinged Single Glass Door

The classic and traditional option of a glass door is the hinged version. The door has a hinge on one side that is capable of swivelling, which allows the door to swing open and close. Hinged doors can open outwards, and inwards, and even be designed to open both ways. They are great for both interior and exterior doors. This classic style of glass door has varying designs and patterns. Some additional benefits include:

  • It can be frameless or framed as each style brings with it a different look. Keep in mind that the door handle you choose also plays a significant role in the door’s overall appearance.
  • A hinged door is a great option when you’re looking to maximize space within a narrow opening or if there is no way of installing folding or stacked doors. Keep in mind that a space the width of the door will need to be clear to allow the door to freely open and close.
  • Hinged doors come in a vast array of different sizes and shapes – just be sure you account for the weight and get the proper frame and hinges to support it.
  • Hinged doors work great with screens to allow fresh air in while keeping bugs and pests out.

French Doors

French doors were traditionally constructed of wooden-framed glass panels installed as hinged doors that open opposite each other, but these days, there are a number of spins you can put on the classic style. Meant to create an elegant barrier separating two rooms, French doors can function as interior and exterior doors. Some additional benefits include:

  • Much like single doors, they can help in situations where you’re looking to maximize space.
  • French door frames are typically constructed from fibreglass, aluminium, PVC, and timber.
white indoor house with glass door and window
wooden framed glass front door

Bi-Fold Glass Doors

Coming in frameless or framed options, a bi-fold door is constructed using a collection of individual door panels that can be folded. Typically, there are at least two panels with hinges that can either fold along a track. These panels can be pushed to either one or both sides. Bi-fold doors help cast the appearance of a larger interior to the home. Some additional benefits include:

  • Because the wall doesn’t require a bulky structural post, bi-fold doors help to make a room’s interior appear larger than it actually is.
  • Bi-fold doors are versatile as they can open both inwards and outwards, depending on the space available you have to work with.
  • These doors can be fully or partially opened. In addition, one single panel can be used to come and go, leaving the other panel completely used.
  • Bi-fold doors are typically top-hung, therefore the necessary supports will need to be in place in order to handle the weight.

Pivot Glass Doors

The less common pivot style of glass door provides a unique design option for any homeowner looking to make a statement. As the name indicates, these doors can pivot and open and close in any direction. They are best used in interiors with wide openings and act as a great modern take on a room divider. There are hinges installed at both the top and bottom of the door. Some additional benefits include:

  • You can angle a series of pivot doors to control the air blowing into your home
  • These doors are typically larger and heavier than single and French doors because of the centred weight-bearing mark. The opening can be wider than a single door, but keep in mind a portion of it will be blocked by the physical door itself.
  • As the door sits between both sides of the frame when opened, you will have to ensure there is clearance both on the interior and exterior sides.
modern elegant residential wooden framed glass door and window
wall-size glass window and sliding glass door

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are among the most popular styles. A panel of glass is affixed to a track that sits parallel to the wall of the home. This glass door style saves space and is one of the more affordable. Some additional benefits include:

  • The door can be built right into the framework of the door in order to make it almost non-existent which will free up more space.
  • The door’s weight sits on the track, therefore additional structural support isn’t needed.
  • Depending on your style preference, you can opt for framed or frameless.

Stacking Glass Doors

Stacking doors work similarly to sliding, but have more moving panels. Typically made up of at least two panels that slide behind a fixed panel. These panels interlock and connect to the next panel, which allows it to slide. Some additional benefits include:

  • Saving space
  • It’s a great choice when you’re working with a larger opening because you can use multiple panels to create the door
frameless glass railing with enclosures

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Ultimately, the best type of glass door for you boils down to the space you’re working with, and your personal preference. For more information on glass doors for home or if you’re ready to get started on your glass door installation, call the experts at Glass Repair Canada.

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