Types of Glass Railings

You might think of a glass railing as a frail piece of architecture, however, it’s actually a very durable, safe, and beautiful material when purchased from and installed by a reputable company such as Glass Repair Canada.

Most glass railings for stairs or glass railings for decks are made from laminated glass and tempered glass, which is much stronger than standard glass. These railings are also designed to resist shattering when broken so it’s safer than you’d think.  In this article, we’ll discuss the various options you have when it comes to buying glass railings. Typically, there are two main types of glass railings which are framed and frameless. Each type of glass railing is preferable depending on the situation, location, and of course, your preferred aesthetic.

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Framed Glass Railings

Framed glass indoor railings are the most popular type of glass railing among homeowners because they offer a unique combination of beauty and functionality. These railings typically consist of glass panels sitting neatly inside of a frame. The frames are made from different types of metals including aluminum.

Framed glass railings are highly coveted because they can be easily attached to anything including wooden decks and/or concrete. They keep your patio or inside your home looking open with lots of natural light. They are great outside around a pool or patio, or even inside along a staircase.

  • Clamped Glass Railing: This type of outdoor glass railing system uses clips mounted to posts to keep the glass panels in place. The posts can be made from wood or steel. To keep everything held together, it’s important that you carefully select a good-looking type of hardware that you’ll enjoy for years to come. There are many finishes, colors, and textures for homeowners to choose from. 
  • Dadoed Glass Railing: This type of glass railing system consists of a bottom holder called a “shoe” as well as a top rail. Many people prefer this type of glass railing system because it’s a cleaner look with minimal clips or other hardware to hold it all together. 
  • Standoff Glass Railing: In this situation, round posts also called “standoffs” are used to secure the panels of glass. This is for people who don’t like the look of a frame or hardware used to install framed glass railing systems.
toughened glass railing
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Benefits of Framed Glass Railings

  • Frames provide extra safety and security to reduce accidents, especially if you have a young family. 
  • Stronger and more long-lasting than frameless. 
  • Extra hardware or frames allow you to have an extra choice for style and pick your preferred materials. 
  • Increases the value of your home. 
  • Still offer mostly unobstructed views compared to traditional railing materials.

Frameless Glass Railings

If you’re lucky enough to have a beautiful backyard or a fabulous view of your neighborhood, a frameless glass railing would be the right choice for you.

Without frames, you have a virtually unobstructed view of your surroundings.

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indoor living room glass railing staircase

Benefits of Frameless Glass Railings

  • Unobstructed views that can’t be beaten! 
  • Barely any maintenance is required and materials don’t wear down over time even when exposed to harsh Canadian winters. 
  • Frameless glass railings boost the value of your house or condo. 
  • They give off a luxurious vibe and are beautiful to look at. 
  • Long-lasting and durable.

Interior Glass Railings

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