What is the Best Glass Shower Door?

Have you always wanted to enhance the look of your bathroom but weren’t sure which was the best glass shower door? There are lots of unique and elegant designs to choose from to not only make your shower look better but also add value to your home.

Let’s look at some of the most popular types of shower door glass so you can make the right choice that matches your home and fits your lifestyle.

bathroom shower unit glass sliding door

Clear Glass Shower Doors – These shower doors are ideal for homeowners who don’t want to take away from the grandeur of their bathroom design. These shower doors are generally see-through though they may have a slight tint to them. This shower door can also enhance lighting and increase the visual space in a bathroom.

Low-Iron Shower Glass – Offering superior clarity, low-iron shower doors allow light to easily pass through the glass. They do not have the tinting of clear glass shower doors which means your shower will always be bright and safe to use.

corner shower unit with curvy glass wall and door
shower unit custom half glass wall with vanity and marble countertop

Frosted and Opaque Glass Shower Doors – The perfect choice for homeowners looking to add extra privacy to their bathroom. These are also great options for shared living spaces so others can use the bathroom while there is someone in the shower and still maintain full privacy. 

Tinted Glass Shower DoorsTinted glass allows you to showcase your creativity and personality allowing you to add unique and vibrant colors to your bathroom design. Tinting is similar to that of a car window and can be as dark as you would like it to go for additional privacy.

tinted glass samples
custom shower unit glass wall and door with metal framing

Rain Glass Shower Doors – Calming and serene, rain glass shower doors allow you to create the effect of raindrops in your bathroom. This type of shower glass is ideal for larger bathrooms to add a sense of dimension. This pattern is not recommended for smaller bathrooms as it can make them feel too tiny.

Textured Glass Shower DoorsTextured glass can come in a variety of styles and opacity so you can get a truly custom look for your bathroom. Choose from a design that fits your decor and your design goals. Remember to choose a pattern that allows for ample light to shine through, particularly in smaller bathrooms. 

frameless wall size walk-in shower unit glass wall
corner shower unit glass door

Hammered Glass Shower Doors – One of the most popular bathroom options, hammered glass shower doors give you the best of all bathroom designs. Not only are you getting the privacy you want, but you are also getting a unique design that enhances the look of your bathroom. This type of shower is also easily customizable to fit all shower sizes and shapes. 

Shower Glass Door Installation 

The pros at Glass Repair Canada can help you add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with a large selection of elegant glass door options. We work with you to find the right design, size, and color to suit your design goals and budget. We then do a complete and professional installation service making sure that we exceed your expectations. We are also available 24/7 for emergency glass shower door repairs. Contact us today to start designing your dream shower. 

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